Preseason Tournaments

Preseason Pool Play Information

In 2015, Commissioner Fischer changed the first game of each respective league to start off by playing a pool-play tournament. Why? The tournament is played to finalize which teams are fully committed to playing in the league and help determine where teams should be placed for all divisions. After the preseason tournament then a final schedule can be developed for the rest of the year.

Entering the Gym
During the first few games of each league, a representative will be at the entrance of the gyms to double check all players are properly registered and have signed the forms. YOU CAN NOT PLAY WITHOUT SIGNING A ROSTER AND WAIVER FORM. Teams caught playing with an unregistered player on their team will immediately be fined $20 for not following league rules and properly signing all release forms.

Start of Each Session
At the beginning of each pool play session the league commissioner will quickly go over the rules of the league and the play format.

Pool Play Scheduling
Every team within a session will play every other team within the same session. The number of sessions is determined by the number of teams in the league.

Play Format
The games are played for a max of 10 minutes with a running clock at all times. There will not be any stoppage of time during the games. The first team to reach 15 points will end the game no matter how much time is remaining. Scoring is kept as normal for each 2 point and 3 point field goals. There will not be any free throws to help conserve game time. All fouls will result in the possessing team to check the ball in up top.

Additional Info
Any excessive fouls will result in the immediate ejection from the current played game.
Games can end in a tie
There is no win by 2 rule
Different divisions teams may be placed into each session to help determine the level of play for each team.

Session Winner
The winner of each session is determined by win-loss record. Any ties are then determined by adding up the number of scored points in each game. The winner will receive a prize determined by the league commissioner.