Official League Rules

Bozeman Basketball Leagues will consist of the following leagues:
Men's Open A - Highly Competitive
Men's Open B - Competitive
Men's Open C - Recreational
Men's 30+ - Competitive
Women's Open X - Competitive
Women's Open W - Recreational

All leagues are dependent on if enough teams are available. The divisions are separated by level of competitiveness. Additional divisions may be created to help keep all games as equal as possible.

($50 late charge will be added if turned in later)

Game Info
All leagues will have one pre-season game to help form teams and organize the leagues.

All leagues finish up in March before the scheduled MSU spring break.

Most open league games will either be played at Shroyer gym of the Hosaeus Fitness Center on the campus of Montana State University.
Other league games are played at gyms around Gallatin Valley as space is available.
Other gym arrangements may be necessary during the year.
Directions to MSU Shroyer / Hosaeus Fitness Center

Directions to Belgrade Event Center

League Guidelines
First and foremost we do ask all participant´s cooperation in good sportsmanship. At least one referee and most times two referees will be assigned to each game. We do our best to find good competent officials and it is a lot easier to keep good officials if the verbal abuse is kept to an absolute minimum. This means the team managers must take the initiative in keeping their players in line. Continual disruption from a player can result at the discretion of the league manager to remove the player from the league. A technical foul may result in an ejection from the game at the discretion of the officiating referee(s). Three technical fouls and the player will be removed from the league.

For games played on a non-breakaway rim there will be no dunking before or during games. There will be absolutely no hanging on the rim. If a player does he will be immediately ejected from the game. Any damage to a backboard or rim is the responsibility of the player to replace which caused the incident.

Each team must complete a roster form and all players on the roster must sign it before playing any basketball game. All team rosters must be finalized by February 1st. The roster book is brought to all games before the deadline for managers to make additions to the roster. (Roster changes or failure to include a player on your team roster any later will result in a $20 fine)

If you are looking for additional players please contact the league commissioner who may have a list of people wanting to play. In order to avoid forfeits during the regular season a team may pick up players from other teams to play the game.
A team must have at least 3 of its own players or the game will be ruled a forfeit.
Teams may only pick up 3 additional players.

Men's and Women's Open Leagues
We play a combination of high school, college, and NBA rules.

Free throws will play off the release of the ball.

Each player gets 6 fouls.

Play two 25 minute halves.
Clock DOES NOT stop until the last minute of each half.
Playoffs - The clock will stop with 3 minutes left in the game of the 2nd half.
If a game has a margin of more than 20 points then the clock will not stop at the end of the game.

3 timeouts PER GAME - 30 second timeouts
Clock does not stop during timeouts.

Overtime - 1 minute and the clock will stop.
2nd Overtime - First score wins

All other league guidelines will be settled by the league commissioner and may be subject to change at any given time.